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Start recording the current browser viewport. Must be followed by a stopRecording action. Only runs when the context app is chrome and headless is false. Supported extensions: [ ‘.mp4’, ‘.webm’, ‘.gif’ ]


Field Type Description Default
id string Optional. ID of the step. Generated UUID
description string Optional. Description of the step.  
action string Required. The action to perform.  
path string Optional. File path of the recording. Supports the .mp4, .webm, and .gif extensions. If not specified, the file path is your media directory, the file name is the ID of the step, and the extension is .mp4.  
directory string Optional. Directory of the file. Attempts to create the directory if it doesn’t exist. If not specified, the directory is your media directory.  
overwrite boolean Optional. If true, overwrites the existing file at path if it exists. false


  "action": "startRecording"
  "action": "startRecording",
  "path": "results.mp4"
  "action": "startRecording",
  "path": "results.mp4",
  "directory": "static/media",
  "overwrite": true