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The typeKeys action registers key presses, including special keys such as Enter. This action is useful for simulating user input, such as filling out a form, navigating a website, or using keyboard shortcuts.

You can specify keys either as a string or as an array of strings. Each character in a string or array is separated is treated as a separate key press, but specifying an array allows you to include both regular and special keys.

For comprehensive options, see the typeKeys reference.

Special keys

You can use special keys in the keys field to simulate key presses. To use a special key, use the key’s associated code. For example, to simulate pressing the Enter key, use $Enter$.

Here’s a list of special keys you can use:

Key Code
Alt $ALT$
Backspace $BACKSPACE$
Cancel $CANCEL$
Clear $CLEAR$
Command $COMMAND$
Control $CTRL$
Delete $DELETE$
End $END$
Enter $ENTER$
Escape $ESCAPE$
Help $HELP$
Home $HOME$
Insert $INSERT$
Page Down $PAGE_DOWN$
Page Up $PAGE_UP$
Pause $PAUSE$
Return $RETURN$
Shift $SHIFT$
Space $SPACE$
Tab $TAB$
Arrow Down $ARROW_DOWN$
Arrow Left $ARROW_LEFT$
Arrow Right $ARROW_RIGHT$
Arrow Up $ARROW_UP$
Numpad 0 $NUMPAD_0$
Numpad 1 $NUMPAD_1$
Numpad 2 $NUMPAD_2$
Numpad 3 $NUMPAD_3$
Numpad 4 $NUMPAD_4$
Numpad 5 $NUMPAD_5$
Numpad 6 $NUMPAD_6$
Numpad 7 $NUMPAD_7$
Numpad 8 $NUMPAD_8$
Numpad 9 $NUMPAD_9$
+ $ADD$
F1 $F1$
F2 $F2$
F3 $F3$
F4 $F4$
F5 $F5$
F6 $F6$
F7 $F7$
F8 $F8$
F9 $F9$
F10 $F10$
F11 $F11$
F12 $F12$


  "action": "typeKeys",
  "keys": "kittens"
  "action": "typeKeys",
  "keys": [
  "action": "typeKeys",
  "keys": [
  "delay": 500